Albina Yerzhanova

President of ENACTUS Kazakhstan, Doctor of

Philosophy, member of the International Council

of Leaders of the ENACTUS countries
Dear friends!

On behalf of the national office of Enactus Kazakhstan, let me welcome you and thank you for your interest in our activities!

ENACTUS is a non-profit organization whose goal is to improve the standard of living through business.

Our main activity is aimed at working with young people, because it is today's students who will shape the image of our country tomorrow. Therefore, it is especially important to develop awareness, social responsibility, talent and ability to act in the name of the future progress of our country in young Kazakhstanis.

Sincerely, Albina Meirbekovna Yerzhanova
  • Randy Bruins
    Advisor for Strategic Direction
  • Aizhan Aubakirova
    Chief accountant
  • Zhanagul Ryspek
    Communications Director
  • Diana Nurzhanova
    International Relations
  • Zhanar Ryskulova
  • Adiya Omarova
    Program manager
  • Zere Slambek
    SMM manager
  • Aruzhan Karimova
    SMM manager
  • Bibigul Shaikhieva
    Regional Coordinator of ENACTUS KAZAKHSTAN West
  • Kanat Alsheri
    Regional Coordinator of ENACTUS KAZAKHSTAN South
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