Our mission
Human progress depends on our ability to engage the entrepreneurial spirit that lives within each of us and guide it to develop our own potential, personal qualities to create a better world.
Enactus is an international non-profit organization that brings together active students, academic and business leaders. Together they use an entrepreneurial approach to improve the quality and standard of living of people in need. With the support of a teacher and business leader, Enactus students create and implement projects around the world. The experience gained during the implementation of projects not only transforms lives, but also helps students become true leaders.

Enactus Kazakhstan helps students create teams at universities in the country. The Enactus National Office coordinates team design activities. Enactus students are implementing socio-economic projects that enable people to improve their lives. Enactus faculty and business partners guide students and become team mentors. Students present their projects in annual competitions, which are evaluated by business leaders. The best team champion gets the right to participate in the World Cup.
To students
With Enactus you can:
Make an entrepreneurial project that will change your life
city and region.
Get real business experience: without loans and collateral.
Become a part of a startup party.
Your team's project falls into
next level accelerators out of competition.
To pump over the skills of the 21st century that are necessary for successful
employment: leadership skills, communications, teamwork,
public presentation skills, project management.
Enter the community of entrepreneurs and top managers of your
To be visible to the best employers of the country: invitations to
internships, vacancies and career events.
Join the international community of young leaders
Enactus business projects in 36 countries
of the world.
Take part in international student forums, summer
student camps and student exchanges Enactus.
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