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As a sponsor and partner of ENACTUS, you will play an important role in advancing our work to improve the quality of life in the country, improve society, and nurture future business leaders.

ENACTUS is a partnership that will be a valuable addition to the portfolio of a socially responsible company. During projects, you are in direct contact with students, solving the issues and problems you are interested in with the help of our community resources. In addition, you have the opportunity to attract the best potential employees for your companies from among the students in the future.

ENACTUS Sponsorships are annual sponsorships to support and develop the organization's activities and socially important events. ENACTUS Kazakhstan national office pays great attention to increasing awareness of our brand around the country, actively using the opportunities of social networks and media. When organizing both internal and external events, we actively involve independent experts, sponsoring organizations and government agencies to solve specific tasks.

Investing in ENACTUS plays an important role in promoting entrepreneurship and shared innovation that changes lives and creates a better future. There are many ways and places in the world to activate your time, talent, innovation and resources with ENACTUS.

Join more than 550 corporate, organizational and individual partners around the world who are investing in entrepreneurial activities for sustainable change. Recognition is based on total annual investments made through partner memberships, sponsorships, strategic partnerships, special grants and in-kind gifts.

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