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Enactus is an international nonprofit student entrepreneurship program supported by business leaders. It selects and unites university students from different regions of Russia with good organizational skills and high leadership potential. Enactus students receive versatile practical experience in implementing projects in real life. They generate, develop and implement entrepreneurial ideas, mastering the technologies and methods of modern business.

With Enactus, partner companies:
    Directly get to know the participants and select hipo employees
    They establish informal relationships with participants, starting from the first year, becoming business mentors of teams, developing their own mentoring programs and immersing students in the corporate culture.
    Involve young teams in their accelerators.
    Implement their own competitions and special projects with the most active students of the country - participants of the Enactus program
    Involve young people in corporate social responsibility programs, stimulating positive and sustainable changes in the regions of operation.
    The partnership with Enactus is not limited to these areas. Companies participating in Enactus support may offer their own collaboration formats.
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